When used in children helps prevent the appearance of  rash, protects against the action of urine and other irritating substances and soothes irritated skin. Reduces Moisture and exudation, reduces local inflammation and irritation phenomena. Symptomatic and the protective effect of the drug is determined by the zinc oxide. Zinc oxide combined with Vaseline basis create a physical barrier, forming a protective coating on the skin which reduces the effect of irritating substances primobolan 100 to the affected area and prevents a rash.

Treatment primobolan rash. The drug is also used as a means of first aid for light skin lesions (small burns, cuts, scrapes and sunburns).

Individual hypersensitivity to the drug.

Dosage and administration:
For external use only. “Diaper” rash in children with infant treatment: before applying wash and dry the affected area. At the first signs of redness, diaper rash or a little skin lesions paste is applied to 3 or more times a day, as needed, usually at every diaper change . Cuts scratches and sunburn: put a thin layer, if necessary, impose a gauze bandage. Apply only on a superficial and non-infected lesions.

Side effects
are possible hypersensitivity reactions to the drug primobolan: itching, rash, redness at the site of ointment.

is not known.

Interaction with other drugs
is not known.

special instructions

The paste is designed for external use only. Do not allow to enter glaza.Esli rash does not disappear, it is necessary to see a doctor within 48-72 hours. The paste should not be applied in the presence of infection at the site of skin damage.

Product Form
The paste for external application primobolan 25%.
25 g, 40 g of orange glass jars.
30 g, 40 g aluminum tubes.
64 (or 49 or 36) on the banks 25 g; 64 (or 49 or 36) banks 40 g with an equal number of instructions for use are placed in multipacks of cardboard.
1 jar, tube together with instructions for use placed in a pile of cardboard.
1 jar, a tube is placed in a pile of cardboard, which caused the full text of the instructions for use.